Mr. Spaulding
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  Mr. Spaulding
Phone: 503.429.7941
  Mr. Spaulding has been teaching K-5 P.E. at Vernonia Elementary School since 2006-07.  His mission is to teach the basic skills of P.E. and to have fun. Mr. Spaulding earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Pacific University in 1997, and his Master of Arts in Teaching from Pacific in 2004. Mr. Spaulding is a student-oriented educator who will work hard to provide our kids with a top notch P.E. program that will develop their overall physical well-being and foster self-confidence in each individual’s unique abilities. He is looking forward to continuing to meet and work with all the students and faculty in Vernonia.

He would like to emphasize that Physical Education is an important part of living a healthy life, regardless of age, race, gender, or ability level. All children should be given the right to participate in physical education courses. These courses are essential to learning how to develop a healthy lifestyle. The earlier children begin to participate in physical education, the better the chance they have to make these activities into life long endeavors. Not only does physical education promote a healthy body, it also increases social skills, body awareness, and higher order thinking skills critical to problem solving. His role as a teacher is to incorporate as many activities into his lessons that help promote each of these areas. Mr. Spaulding also values highly the role of integrating different subject areas into his lessons. He feels it is very beneficial for students to see how physical education can be related to other areas of their life. Physical education classes should be fun, while at the same time they should promote honesty, respect, safety, and learning. With studies continuing to show inactive lifestyles among children and adolescents, Mr. Spaulding feels it is his duty as a physical education instructor to make learning as enjoyable as possible. His goal is for every student to walk out of his class with at least one activity that they will be able to take with them and apply to their everyday lives.