English 12

World Literature


First Quarter


What Happened in Class


Other Notes

M  9/4

 Labor Day



T  9/5

 New Student Orientation   



W  9/6

Students received their Passion Planners. You can check out the planners HERE.

Students participated in Stations.



Th  9/7

Students clarified comments written during the station exercise and had a class discussion on how Ms. Safier can help them during their senior year. 



F  9/8

 Students were given a syllabus.

Students were shown how to use their planner and began the August / Summer reflection, which is due Monday.

Reflection due Monday and syllabus signature is due on Tuesday. 


M  9/11

 Students watched “9/11: Operation Yellow Ribbon (Gander, Newfoundland)” and took notes. 

 Syllabus signature is due  Tuesday. 


T  9/12

Seniors began brainstorming for their essay:  Why is knowledge of the world important?

Think about:

Why should we read literature from around the world? Why should we pay attention to news of the world? Why should we be aware of world history? Of world movies, music, and culture? What is to be gained of this knowledge?

The first draft is due Friday. Handwritten or typed with “track changes” on. Or in google docs, which will track the changes for you. 

 The essay is due Friday. 


W  9/13

Students began reading excerpts from Gilgamesh. Half way through the period, students chose to either continue reading, or focus on the essay that’s due Friday.  

Students need to finish the story for tomorrow. 

The essay is due Friday.


Th  9/14

Students need to have read the excerpts from Gilgamesh for Friday. Their essay is also due on Friday. Students were to use the class time to meet their needs of the assignments.   


 Gilgamesh needs to be read for tomorrow. The essay is due tomorrow. 


F  9/15

Students completed a reflection on their writing and turned it in with their essay. Students read from Gilgamesh”  and then received a summary of the tablets. 



M  9/18

Every Monday, students will complete a M.U.G shot. This focuses on mechanics, usage, and grammar. Students worked on M.U.G #1.

Outdoor School students completed the writing reflection and turned in their work. Students then reviewed Gilgamesh.



T  9/19

In groups, students listed reasons for Gilgamesh being an epic hero. Then they wrote a group paragraph explaining why.



W  9/20

Students turned in their Gilgamesh group paragraph. Students watched a Prezi on how to write a professional email. Students in 2nd period received the homework, which is due tomorrow. Students in 3rd did not. 



Th  9/21

Students finished their e-mails and shared them with each other. Students then read the blog post “The Alot is Better Than You at Everything” which, in a humorous way, discusses alot vs. a lot.



F  9/22

Students completed M.U.G #2 today. Planners were checked.

Students finished the “Book of Ruth” and began questions 2, 3, and 6.   



M  9/25




T  9/26




W  9/27




Th  9/28




F  9/29




M  10/2




T  10/3




W  10/4




Th  10/5




F  10/6




M  10/9




T  10/10




W  10/11




Th  10/12




F  10/13




M  10/16




T  10/17




W  10/18




Th  10/19




F  10/20




M  10/23




T  10/24




W  10/25




Th  10/26




F  10/27




M  10/30




T  10/31




W  11/1




Th  11/2




F  11/3