Introduction to Literature

Welcome to Introduction to Literature. 

First Quarter


What Happened in Class


Other Notes

M  9/4

 Labor Day



T  9/5

Freshmen Orientation.

Students received their Passion Planners. You can check out the planners HERE



W  9/6

Students completed First Day Stations and worked on their planners.



Th  9/7

 Students wrote on how they manage their time and started looking at their planners. Students began their homework.  

  Students need to complete their August reflection in their planner. This is due Monday. 

  Students who are using their own planner need to make sure they have a paper copy of the reflection. 

F  9/8

Students were given the syllabus. Students brainstormed their own warning and praise labels. 

 3rd period was assigned to write one paragraph on one warning and one praise level due Monday.

Syllabus signatures are due Tuesday.


M  9/11

 Students watched “9/11 | The Man In The Red Bandanna.”  



T  9/12

Students did a minor editing exercise. Students in 4th period chose new paragraphs to write. Students in 5th period rewrote their original paragraphs. They are due tomorrow.  



W  9/13

 Students were given planner time and began reading "The Most Dangerous Game."



Th  9/14

Students worked on their planners and then finished the story. Students listed words to describe the main characters.



F  9/15

 Students received a handout focusing on characterization and conflict. 



M  9/18

 Every Monday, students will complete a M.U.G shot. This focuses on mechanics, usage, and grammar. Students worked on M.U.G #1. 

Planners were checked. 

Students continued to work on their handouts.



T  9/19

 Students were given time to work on their planners. Students in 4th period received another handout focusing on a plot diagram and the key terms from page 2-3 in the anthology. Students in 5th period continued to work on the first handout.



W  9/20

Students were given time to work on their planners. All students now have the plot diagram handout and worked on it in class. This handout is not homework. 



Th  9/21

Students received their final assignment for the short story. Due to copyright, it can’t be put here. Please see Ms. Safier if you need another copy of the assignment. This came with a grading rubric. This assignment is due Monday. 

 Work on final assigment.

 Students will turn in all work from this story on Monday.

F  9/22


 Work on final assignment. 


M  9/25




T  9/26




W  9/27




Th  9/28




F  9/29




M  10/2




T  10/3




W  10/4




Th  10/5




F  10/6




M  10/9




T  10/10




W  10/11




Th  10/12




F  10/13




M  10/16




T  10/17




W  10/18




Th  10/19




F  10/20




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T  10/24




W  10/25




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F  10/27




M  10/30




T  10/31




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Th  11/2




F  11/3