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First Quarter


What Happened in Class


Other Notes

M  9/4

 Labor Day. No school.



T  9/5


New Student Orientation  



W  9/6

Students received their Passion Planners. You can check out the planners HERE.

6th period students participated in Stations. 



Th  9/7

First period participated in Stations. Students read "An Autobiography in Five Short Chapters" and answered questions about it.



F  9/8

 Students were given a syllabus.

Students were shown how to use their planner and began the August / Summer reflection, which is due Monday.

Reflection due Monday and syllabus signature is due on Tuesday. 


M  9/11

 Students watched “9/11 | The Man In The Red Bandanna.”  

Students received a copy of President Bush’s 9-11 Speech and also watched it. Students received a handout on rhetorical devices to look for. They are alliteration, allusion, anaphora, metaphor, parallelism, and simile. Students also received an Annotation Guide for the speech. Due to copyright, I cannot link it here. Please see me if you need a new copy.  This assignment IS NOT homework. We will work on in it tomorrow in class as well. 



T  9/12

 Students continued to discuss Bush’s speech. Students chose the most powerful sentence and identified the rhetorical appeal. Students then began a summary of the speech. They must include three supporting details in the summary.   All speech material is due Thursday. 



W  9/13

 Students continued to annotate the speech. Students wrote a summary focusing on the main idea of the speech using three supporting details.  



Th  9/14

The speech and summary were collected. Students took a quiz on the rhetorical devices in the speech. Students also began skim reading pages 6-16 in their anthology. 



F  9/15

 Students read “Sinners at the Hands of an Angry God” and identified and underlined similes.



M  9/18

 Every Monday, students will complete a M.U.G shot. This focuses on mechanics, usage, and grammar. Students worked on M.U.G #1.

Passion Planners were checked. Students then chose the simile they thought was the strongest and shared it in pairs.



T  9/19

Students finished their work on Sinners at the Hands of an Angry God.

Students watched a Prezi on Colonialism to Rationalism. Students read the background information on Mary Rowlandson.



W  9/20

Students listened and read excerpts on Mary Rowlandson’s A Narrative of Captivity.  Students were assigned questions 2-5. Questions 2-3 should have 2-3 sentence answers. Question 4 should have 3-5 sentences, and question 5 should have 4-6 sentences. Students were given class time to start the assignment. Those who did not finish it in class need to do it for homework. 




Th  9/21

Mary Rowlandson questions were collected. Students read the poem “Huswifery” by Edward Taylor. They then began excerpts from Of Plymouth Plantation.



F  9/22

Students were given planner time and planner checks and reflection grades were confirmed.  Students finished reading Of Plymouth Plantation. Question #3 needs to be answered in paragraph form. If students didn’t complete this in class, it is homework. 

 Finish #3 for Monday. 


M  9/25

Students completed M.U.G #2 today.

Students turned in their Of Plymouth Plantation paragraph. They read page 67 and 68 as an intro and listened to the excerpt from The Autobiography by Ben Franklin.  



T  9/26




W  9/27




Th  9/28




F  9/29




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