Vernonia Elementary School
Principal: Aaron Miller Email Principal Icon
Grade Level: K-5
School Type: Elementary
1000 Missouri Avenue
Vernonia, OR  97064
Phone: 503-429-1333
Fax: 503-429-0588
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IXL is an immersive K-12 learning experience that provides comprehensive, standards-aligned content.



Vernonia Elementary School is located at 1000 Missouri Avenue. All grades are facilitated in self-contained classrooms on the main floor of the east and west wing of the new building.

Students at Vernonia Elementary School enjoy the benefits of a large multi-media library, and a newly designed computer lab.  Physical education is offered to all students in grades K-5.






Self Managers


  The self manager program is a means of recognizing and honoring the positive examples and influence of students of good character.


Self managers are students who have a habit of following the four bees.(Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Respectful, Be Responsible)


The program is open to third, fourth and fifth graders.


Students must submit an application to become a self manager. These students will enjoy certain privleges and also have certain responsibilities in the school. 


Click Here for Self Manager FAQ's and Application



Title I at VES

What is Title I? Currently at Vernonia Elementary School, Title I is a Reading Program. This is not a Special Education program. It is for students in grades K-5 who are reading slightly below grade level and may need extra help. The Title I teacher works closely with classroom teachers to ensure smooth progress in reading. Various learning materials and methods of instruction are used to meet curricular goals and state and federal standards. Title I instruction encompasses the essential components of reading, including:

· Phonics

· Phonemic awareness

· Vocabulary development

· Fluency

· Comprehension strategies

Title I is the largest Federally funded program supporting academically at-risk students in public and private schools as conceived under the "No Child Left Behind" legislation.  Through Title I, the Federal government allocates funds to school districts around the country based on the number of low-income families in each district. Low income is defined by the percentage of students who qualify for free or reduced lunches. The district focuses on the elementary school as research shows that intervention started earlier is most effective in helping struggling students.

How Are Schools Selected? If the percentage of students who qualify for free or reduced lunches is above federal guidelines, the school is eligible to receive Title I funds.

How are the funds used? Schools, which have 40% or more of their students who qualify for free and reduced lunches, may become "school wide" programs.  In a school-wide program, Title I is no longer a distinct program, but is coordinated with other funds to drive improved achievement in the school.

How can you help? We welcome you and want your active participation. You can be a part of the decision-making team that establishes and evaluates the school improvement plan to ensure the parent perspective is included. You can come to parental events and mentor and volunteer. You can shape your schools parental involvement policy and school/parent/student compact that defines how we will all work together. Parents are invited to participate in designing the schoolwide and targeted assistance plans and in the yearly review and revision of these plans. Parents assisted in composing the parent involvement policies and parent compacts at Washington Elementary School, and are asked to review and revise them as needed on a yearly basis. Parents may request to see the academic qualifications of their child’s teacher at the school office or at the district office. Parents are encouraged to communicate any concerns about the Title I program to the principal and/or teacher at the school.