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Vernonia Schools | Main Office
(503) 429-1333

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District Registrar | (503) 429-1342 | Fax:(503) 429-0588

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District Administration


VES Staff

MIST Staff

School District Administration Phone Email
Aaron Miller 
(503) 429-5891
Vernonia High / Middle School Principal
Nate Underwood
(503) 429-1333
Vernonia Elementary School / Mist Grade School Principal 
Aaron Miller
 (503) 429-1333
District Athletic Director
Gordon Jarman
 (503) 429-1333
District Special Services Director
Gienah Cheney
(503) 429-1349
 District Support Staff Phone Email

Barb Carr

(503) 429-5891

Karen Roberts

(503) 429-1347
Business Manager
Marie Knight
(503) 429-5891
Fiscal Assistant
Cherise Harbour
(503) 429-5891
Food Service Manager
Gretchen Lindauer 
(503) 429-1388 
Mark Brown 
(503) 429-1387 
Psychologist for District
Brittney Waugh 
(503) 429-1378 
Registered Nurse
Heidi Brown, R.N. 
(503) 429-1333 

Ronda Lennen 

(503) 429-1342 
Fax: (503) 429-0588 

Speech Pathologist (ESD)
Joan Overholser
Special Services Secretary
Cherise Harbour 
(503) 429-1350 
Fax: (503) 429-7742 
Technology Coordinator
Glenda DeLemos 
 (503) 429-1390 

Transition Services / Balloon Company (Student Store)
Beth Kintz

 (503) 429-1395


Logger Logo

V H S/V M S | S T A F F  6 - 12

 Topper Logo  Alternative VHS Athletics Logo
1000 Missouri Ave. Vernonia, OR 97064 (503) 429-1333 FAX: (503) 429-0588
Secretary Kathi Fetch
Counselor Peter Weisel
Media Ctr / School-to-Work / Scholarships Dana Hyde
V H S/V M S | T E A C H E R S  6 - 12    
Art / Yoga / Yearbook (VHS)  Linda Allen
Band / Music (VHS/VMS) Matt Urban
Behavioral Specialist K-12 Charlotte Gilbert
Digital Arts/ Social Studies/ Yearbook (VHS) Doran Lower
Heath / Physical Education (VHS) Matt Blair
Industrial Technology / Mathematics (VHS/VMS) Randy Shockey
K - 12 Dean of Students / Community Serv. Corps. (VHS) Rachel Wilcoxen
Language Arts (VMS) Justin Ward
Language Arts (VHS) Juliet Safier
Mathematics / Careers (VHS) Thor Ware
Mathematics (VHS) Robin Murphy
Mathematics / Pre-Calc / Tringonometry (VHS) Nga Frederiksen
Physical Education (VMS/VHS) George Spaulding
Project Based Learning (HS) Jim Krahn
Social Studies / Leadership (VMS) Ashley Ward 
Social Studies / Forestry (VHS) Byron Brown
Science (VHS) David Suhrbur
Science / Social Studies (VMS) Geoff Schwartz
Spanish / Leadership (VHS) / AVID /Activities Director (VHS) Teresa Willard
Special Services (VHS/VMS) Susanne Myers 
Vernonia Elementary Logo    
1000 Missouri Ave.    Vernonia, OR  97064    503.429.1333
V E S | S T A F F   K - 5    
Secretary  Ronda Lennen 
Counselor David Spackman
V E S | T E A C H E R S  K - 5    
K - 12 Behavioral Specialist Charlotte Gilbert
K - 12 Instructional Coach Michelle Eagleson
1st/2nd Blend Andrea Anderson
1st/2nd Blend Kelley Murphy-Shaw
1st/2nd Blend Debbie Taylor
Kindergarten Kendra Schlegel
3rd Grade Judy Gingerich
3rd/4th Grade Laura Blacker
4th Grade Linda Hobart
5th Grade Malin Campbell
K - 12 Life Skills Teacher Casandra Hylton
PE Specialist George Spaulding
Mist School    
69163 Hwy 47 Mist, OR  97016    (503) 755-2486  
M I S T  |  T E A C H E R   K - 5    
Classroom Teacher Joan Jones