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District Logo

Vernonia Schools | Main Office
(503) 429-1333


District Registrar | (503) 429-1342 | Fax:(503) 429-0588

Q U I C K F I N D   M E N U


District Administration


VES Staff

MIST Staff

School District Administration Phone Email
Aaron Miller 
(503) 429-5891
Vernonia High / Middle School Principal
Nate Underwood
(503) 429-1333

Vernonia Elementary School / Mist Grade School Principal

Michelle Eagleson

 (503) 429-1333 
K-12 Vice Principal
Rachel Wilcoxen
(503) 429-1333 
District Athletic Director
Gordon Jarman
 (503) 429-1333
District Special Services Director
Gienah Cheney
(503) 429-1349
 District Support Staff Phone Email

Barb Carr

(503) 429-5891

Karen Roberts

(503) 429-1347
Business Manager
Marie Knight
(503) 429-5891
Fiscal Assistant
Cherise Harbour
(503) 429-5891
Food Service Manager
Marilyn Landers
(503) 429-1388
Mark Brown 
(503) 429-1387
Psychologist for District

Registered Nurse
Heidi Brown, R.N. 
(503) 429-1333

Stacy Adams 

(503) 429-1342 
Fax: (503) 429-0588

Speech Pathologist (ESD)
Hannah Hill
Special Services Secretary
Cherise Harbour 
(503) 429-1350 
Fax: (503) 429-7742
Technology Coordinator
Glenda DeLemos 
 (503) 429-1390

Transition Services / Balloon Company (Student Store)
Beth Kintz

 (503) 429-1395


Logger Logo

V H S/V M S 

S T A F F  6 - 12

 Topper Logo  Alternative VHS Athletics Logo
1000 Missouri Ave. Vernonia, OR 97064 (503) 429-1333 FAX: (503) 429-0588
Secretary Teresa Williams
Counselor Peter Weisel
Graduation Coach Dana Hyde
Media Center Jana Titus


T E A C H E R S  6 - 12

Art / Digital Arts / Yearbook Kaitlyn Carr-Kiprotich
Band / Music (VHS/VMS)

SeungJin Bae
Social Studies (VMS)  Rachel Brown 
Engineering (VMS/VHS)

Brett Costley
Health / AVID Matt Blair
Wood Shop (VHS/VMS)

Justin Benassi

Metal Shop (VHS)

Kirk Ebberts

Language Arts / PE / Health (VMS) Justin Ward
Language Arts  (VHS) Bret Bunke 
Language Arts (VHS) Juliet Safier
Language Arts (VMS) Malin Campbell
Mathematics Robin Manning
Mathematics (VMS) Robin Murphy
Physical Education (VMS/VHS)  Chuck Calhoun
Physical Education (Elem) George Spaulding
Project Based Learning (VHS) Jim Krahn
Leadership (VMS / VHS) Ashley Ward
Social Studies / Forestry (VHS) Byron Brown
Science (VMS)

David Rigall
Science (VHS) Geoff Schwartz
Special Services (VHS) Susanne Myers
Special Services (VMS) Lisa Spiesschaert
Vernonia Family Academy  Debbie Taylor 
Vernonia Elementary Logo    
1000 Missouri Ave.    Vernonia, OR  97064    503.429.1333


S T A F F   K - 5

Secretary   Stacy Adams
Counselor David Spackman
Title I Coordinator Kendra Schlegel


T E A C H E R S  K - 5

Kindergarten Teresa Gore
Kindergarten Claire Youngberg 
1st Grade Jordan Frink 
1st Grade Kiara Single 
2nd Grade Kendra Berryman
3rd Grade Laura Blacker
4th Grade  Jenna Schwartz
5th Grade  Ian Hunt
5th Grade  Dancia Sammons
K - 12 Stuctured Learning Kathryn Dalton
PE Specialist George Spaulding
Vernonia Family Academy  Debbie Taylor 
Mist School    
69163 Hwy 47 Mist, OR  97016    (503) 755-2486  

M I S T  

T E A C H E R   K - 5

K - 2nd Grade Andrea Anderson
3rd - 5th Grade Joan Jones