Susan Wagner

Position # 1

Greg Kintz

Position # 2

Brittanie Roberts

Position # 3

Stacey Pelster

Position # 4

Melissa Zavales

Position # 5


Position # 6

Katie Cook

Position # 7

Board members value your input and all of their names are listed in the phone directory. If you would like to email the board you can do so by sending an email to which will reach each board member’s personal email.

SCHOOL BOARD VACANCIES:  Currently Position #6 is vacant.  The Board is accepting applications to appoint someone to this position.  Please contact Barb Carr at 503 429-5891 if you have questions.  

* To be eligibile an individual must be a registered voter and must have lived in the Vernonia School District for one year.   Employees of the District, including all substitutes, are not eligible.

* Complete application and questionnaire and submit by 4:00 p.m. August 31, 2018.  Forms can be found at:

* Mail completed forms to Vernonia School District Attn: Barb Carr at 1201 Texas Avenue, Vernonia, OR 97064 or drop by the District Office located inside the Vernonia Schools Building at 1000 Missouri Avenue, Vernonia.

* Position #6 original term expires June 30, 2021.  HOWEVER, the individual appointed is required (if they so choose) to seek election during the regular election process in the Spring of 2019 in order to serve the final 2 years remaining of the original term.  All position terms are 4 years in length.

* The Board anticipates appointing an individual to this position at the September 13, 2018 regularly scheduled School Board Meeting beginning at 6:00 p.m. in the Vernonia Schools Library.